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Operations security (OPSEC)


What We Do

System Monitoring
System Updates
Threat Identification
Security Audits
Disaster Recovery Planning

We believe in a five steps process for OPSEC

1. Identify your sensitive data.


This may be your item research, protected innovation, fiscal summaries, client data, and representative data. This will be the information you should be using your assets on securing.

2. Identify possible threats.


For each category of information that you deem sensitive, we will identify what kinds of threats are present. While you should be wary of third parties trying to steal your information, you should also watch out for insider threats, such as careless employees.


3. Analyze security holes and other vulnerabilities.


We will assess your current safeguards and determine what, if any, loopholes or weaknesses exist that may be exploited to gain access to your sensitive data.


4. Appraise the level of risk associated with each vulnerability.


We will then rank your vulnerabilities using factors such as the likelihood of an attack happening, the extent of damage that you would suffer, and the amount of work and time you would need to recover. The more likely and damaging an attack is, the more we will prioritize mitigating the associated risk.


5. Get countermeasures in place.


Our final step is to create and implement a plan to eliminate threats and mitigate risks. This will include updating your hardware, creating new policies regarding sensitive data, monitoring systems and training employees on sound security practices and company policies.